Our Story

The story of Boho Boutique MTL is really my story. My name is Stephanie. I started Boho Boutique in the very depths of the Covid-19 pandemic.

I felt anxious, drained and claustrophobic living with my parents - and needed my own space to live and breathe. So after some intense research, and a lot of praying, I had landed my own apartment in my favourite neighbourhood of Little Burgundy in Montreal.

But next - furnishing a home. Pinterest. Pin. Instagram. Save. Before I knew it I was knees deep in a new, all-consuming passion - interior design! Was my place going to be MCM? Minimalist? Farmhouse? But many pins later, I knew in my heart that I yearned for the warm, natural vibes of the boho style.

I then scoured the internet for rattan pieces in all the stores in North America! But couldn't find pieces I wanted anywhere. At least, not in any form that was accessible.

So I started looking. On Kijiji. On Facebook Marketplace. At thrift stores. At garage sales. And I started finding stuff I loved. Slowly, I found pieces that I loved. And I wondered - if I was having this problem, was anyone else? I couldn't be the only one, surely, who was looking for amazing rattan furniture at a decent price point.

So I made an Instagram account, and slowly but surely, it started taking off. I would find amazing vintage pieces, style it how I dreamed it, and help like-minded boho loving souls find the furniture of their dreams.

And the vintage business started going well - super well. I started selling things fast. Sometimes to the minute after being posted. I knew something was working! This style was really resonating with people. So many people were writing to me looking for different things they couldn't find! 

It clicked - I needed a way to bring rattan furniture to Canada and North America. And so I started writing and calling manufacturers all over Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines where the rattan plant grows and the furniture is created. After months of sourcing, talking, designing and working, I had my first collection ready! Everything is handpicked, sourced, designed and made by hand, with love. Sustainably, and stylishly.


And so, here we are, 1 year later. It certainly hasn't been easy. This process was much more complicated than I realized at the beginning - throw in a global pandemic, a shipping crisis, and many many mistakes and breakdowns later, this is truly a dream come true for me. Thank you for letting me share my story and these incredible pieces with you. I hope you love them as much as I do!

- Stephanie

Founder (and one woman operation) behind Boho Boutique.